Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February Favorites 2011

Okay, so this will be a post of my favorite products/clothing etc in February this year! 

  • UGG Australia

I have two pairs of UGG's but I wear the Classic Shorts the most now as my Bailey Button's are slightly too big for me. They're super cozy for Autumn + Winter. I know some people may not like them as they're on the pricey side + they find them 'UGGly' but I adore them ^^

  • TRESemmé Thermal Recovery shampoo + conditioner

RRP: £4.07 each

I tend to use a lot of heat on my hair which I know, causes a lot of damage. So in order to keep my hair in nice condition, I use shampoos + conditioners aimed at damaged hair.
I came across TRESemmé's Thermal Recovery range + decided to give it a go after reading good reviews about it. 
Results? My hair feels super soft after only just one use! This is highly recommended for those who are looking for shampoos/conditioners for damaged hair ~

  • Body Shop: Born Lippy (raspberry)

RRP: £2.00

I've been using this lip balm a lot these days as I like to keep my lips moisturized. I wouldn't say its the best lip balm to keep your lips moisturized but it does give a tint to your lips which is something nice ^^

  • LUSH Dream Cream

RRP: £10.25

I use this almost everyday to moisturize my face. Although it's a hand + body lotion, I use it on my face the most =P
Although it's slightly on the pricey side, I would highly recommend this product to those looking for a good moisturizing cream as it instantly moisturizes your face, leaving your skin feeling soft!

  • Hollister

Okay, I've slightly become obsessed with Hollister these days... I'm not buying from there just because everyone has it. I buy from there because I find that their clothes are of good quality + I like the 'SoCal' look which basically, only Hollister has the SoCal style. 
My collection is starting grow as I now have over ten pieces of clothing from there... 

  • PANDORA Jewelery 

I've posted a blog post on PANDORA before, you can find it here if you want to read it ^^
I have three different PANDORA bracelets but my silver clasp bracelet is my most favorite one out of the three. It's basically a just charm bracelet where you can add charms on to remember those memories (=

Just a more creative photo ~

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my February Favourites!
Let me know what you guys think! ^^

Pearl <3


  1. I had that Body Shop lipbalm. It smells so delicious!
    Love the Pandora bracelet =D

    PopBlush xo

  2. Haha, love UGGS they are so comfy!!

    Interesting that Hollister represents SoCal style yet I go to Uni in SoCal but no one wears it!

  3. @popblush: Yes they do smell delicious! I have the satsuma one too but I seem to have lost it. & thank u! ^^

    @yukari: They are indeed super comfy! =D Well, I think they have the SoCal style, it depends how you wear their clothes I guess!

  4. haha dont get too addicted to holister as u may end up moving on to jack wills, aubin n wills, abercrombie n fitch and all the other preppy looks i fell for back in the days lol. however if you sell them on ebay u do tend to get atleast 55% of ur money back so dont feel too guilty when shopping x

  5. Haha, I find Jack Wills, A&F and Aubin & Wills kinda over priced which is why I mainly buy from Hollister =P