Friday, 15 July 2011

BARGAINS (ft. CHI, Clarins, Lipsy London, TK Maxx + OPI)

Yay for bargains! I was originally up town looking for a new pair of hair straighteners but I ended up buying more due to the bargains I found today!

In TK Maxx, I found two dresses + I paid only £15 for the two of them! The photos below do the dresses no justice. They look so much better on + in real life ^^

Lipsy London

Great bargain huh? £10 for a Lipsy London dress! ^^ 
I am in love with it, the dress comes with detachable straps so you can wear a strapless. It's also very figure fitting! Great for going out in.

Unknown brand

Great bargain for a dress like this! I'm not sure about the brand but the original tag said it was worth over $100 which must be very expensive. 
This dress is silky like + also figure flattering ^^

Clarins Rouge Appeal (#11 Biscuit Praline)

This lipstick in retail prices cost £31. However, I managed to find a stack of these in TK Maxx + was marked £10! Great bargain. 
The colour is a shimmery nude/brown which is great for day to day wear.

L-R: OPI Jade Is the New Black, OPI Panda-Monium Pink
£3.59 each

I've always wanted Jade is the New Black but never thought it would go into clearence but Sallys had it on clearence today! I also picked up Panda-Monium Pink which is a lilac ^^

CHI Volumizer 

I've always wanted a pair of CHI's + today I managed to find a pair on clearence at Sallys. However, I'm having second thoughts about it as the plates are a lot thinner and shorter compared to my previous ones (which have broken now). The plates are also curved which isn't something I'm a fan of as its supposed to volumize your hair. 
May return it soon as I'm not really liking this straightener ^^

It's great finding a bunch of unexpected bargains!

Pearl <3

Monday, 11 July 2011

NOTD: Chanel Water Marbelling

All I seem to be posting these days are NOTD posts. Sorry for those who aren't interested in these! Had no time to shop yet but I will be shopping soon so hauls may come soon ^^

Today I had some time to spare so I decided to do some water marbelling. I've done water marbelling before + it requires A LOT of effort + time. The results are worth it nonetheless ^^

Products used:
- Chanel Le Vernis Miami Peach
- OPI Alpine Snow
- China Glaze White Cap
- China Glaze Pelican Gray

What do you guys think? 

Pearl <3