Monday, 31 January 2011

Nail Polish Haul + Swatches (feat. Nails Inc, OPI + Drugstore)

My second haul post so far. Nail Swatches will be towards the end of this post!

Today I took advantage of Superdrug's 3 for 2 promotion on selected Maybelline New York products. I picked up three nail polishes from their Forever Strong Pro collection - Ivory Rose, Pink Shimmer & Nude Rose. These are normally £4.09 each so a pretty good bargain for the 3 for 2 promotion!

L-R: Ivory Rose, Pink Shimmer, Nude Rose

I also picked up Rimmel London's Matte Finish top coat as I've been wanting a matte top coat for quite a while now!

RRP: £4.59

My friend Anna (check out her blog here! She will be posting a nail polish & cosmetics haul soon!). She managed to pick up two Nails Inc nail polishes for me while Boots held there Diet Coke promotion which was to buy two bottles of Diet Coke & recieve a free Nail Inc polish. My friend kindly picked up the Caramel & Denim polishes for me:

L-R: Caramel, Denim

I am also delighted to be the owner of my very first OPI nail polish as my friend Anna passed down one of her OPI nail polishes to me. It's the OPI Samoan Sand which is a very sheer nude coloured polish:

RRP: £9.95


L-R: Maybelline Ivory Rose, Pink Shimmer, Nude Rose, Nails Inc Caramel, Denim

I have applied Rimmel London's Matte Finish Top coat here. I must say, the results are really nice!

OPI Samoan Sand

Again, I applied Rimmel London's Matte Finish Top coat. I have this nail polish including the matte top coat on my nails at the moment. Loving the colour!

So this it the end of my haul, hope my nail swatches were okay! First time swatching so many polishes ^^
Also just wanted to add a photo of my slowly growing nail polish collection ~

Pearl <3

Thursday, 27 January 2011

HAUL: Clothing and Accessories (pic heavy!)

I've been planning to do a haul about my recent purchases quite a while now but I didn't have the time to do it at the time! Had some time to spare today so I decided to snap some photos of my goodies & do a blog post about it =D
All my purchases weren't all purchased in one day, some were a couple of weeks ago, some a couple of days ago ~

Let's start with the clothing items:

Trench/Mac jacket from Zara.
Originally £59.99 but reduced to £29.99
I absolutely love this jacket! Such a bargain, I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but when I do, I'll do an OOTD ^^
The hood is removable which I like as without the hood, it looks more formal whereas with the hood, it looks more casual ~

Floral blouse/shirt from Warehouse.
Originally £20 but reduced to £5
This top was featured in my first OOTD post. When I bought it, it said £7 on the label but at the till it was actually £5! Another great bargain =D

The floral pattern in more detail ~

Chunky knit cardigan from H&M.
£20 - Chocolate coloured
This cardigan is great for the cold season, It's great to dress up & dress down in. Love the fact that its chunky knit as it is super cosy! 

Preppy/vintage style Cardigan from Vero Moda.
Originally £30 but reduced to £15
I love the style of this cardigan, I like the fact that there are bows on the top of the pockets! ^^

Lace top from H&M
This top is great for Spring/Summer. I love the lace design on it which is what caught my attention first!

Lace design in more detail ~

White top from Hollister
This is just to add to my Hollister collection... I find their style of clothing is really different compared to other shops. They have their own style of clothing which is something that I really like. 

Hollister top in more detail ~

Silk blouse/shirt from H&M
I've always wanted a piece of clothing that has that silky feel & this shirt was perfect! It came with the brown woven belt which I love as it matches the blouse & adds the finishing touch towards it. I wasn't too keen on the price at first but I had extra cash so I thought, why not? =D

It has a frilly detail on the front which is something else that I love ~

Navy blue dress from Republic.
Originally £35 but reduced to £10
I was looking for a New Year dress in navy blue & this was perfect! Was such a bargain too, Its above knee length & is perfect for special occasions! (=

Balleria flats from Oasis
Originally £30 but reduced to £15 - Nude coloured
I've seen these flats in store months ago & was planning to buy them but I ended up not buying them as I bought another style instead =P
Was so glad to see them on sale (they were the last ones too!)

Floral design in more detail ~

That's all of my recent purchases! Hope you enjoyed this haul & I hope to do more in the future ^^ Maybe my next haul will be from Hong Kong as I'm going to HK this April! So excited =D

Pearl <3

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Wants and GIVEAWAY maybe? =D

So, just wanted to blog a post about something else that I really want at the moment! I was just browsing around the net looking at random items of clothing, accessories etc. & just came across a pair of the UGG Kensingtons:


I've seen these before in the past but right now, I just really want these! Yes, it'll soon be summer but its just that feeling you have when you see something & you want it right now no matter what season or climate it is. ^^
I like the fact that they are made of leather instead of their usual suede boots as you wouldn't be worried about getting them wet or getting paranoid about whether it'll rain as whenever I wear my UGG boots, I always get paranoid about whether it'll rain later in the day or not. 

Yes I mentioned a giveaway in this post's title ^^ I'm planning to host a giveaway when I reach 10 - 15 followers. I know it may sound like there are hardly any followers but to me, it's a lot! The giveaway prizes will be notified towards the nearing of the giveaway ~
For the giveaway to happen, advertise me such as through tweets, blog posts or whatever. Just anything that will help me reach the amount of followers needed for this giveaway to happen.
Many thanks! =D

Pearl <3

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

HUGE Valentine's Day Giveaway (worth $560)!

GlamaDazzle is holding a HUGE giveaway! The giveaway includes products such as:

  • Revlon Diamond Lust Sheer Shadow in Pillow Talk Pink, Lavender Unleashed, Platinum Plaything, Grab Me Gold
  • Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Lip Glosses in Satin Peach, Sari Pink, Apricot Cloche, Evening Rose, Little Red Dress
  • MAC Hello Kitty Lipglasses in She Loves Candy, Fast Friends, Sweet Strawberry, Nice Kitty, Mimmy, Nice To Be Nice
  • The Body Shop Delipcious in Peach Crush, Watermelon Crush, Berry Crush, Papaya Crush
  • Stila Lip Glaze Set with shades Vanilla, Blackberry, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Peach, Strawberry
  • Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Mystic Eyes (plum, pink, peach, bronze)


Yes, this giveaway is worth $560! What are you waiting for? Enter here, now!

Pearl <3

Adventures in Makeup giveaway!

Shahada, from Adventures in Makeup is holding a very generous giveaway! She will be giving away:

  • 2 Chanel nail polishes (Pearl Drop & Black Pearl)
  • A Chanel Quint Palette
  • A Chanel Blush

Enter the giveaway here for a chance to win these lovely goodies! Good luck everyone!

Pearl <3

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mini shopping trip!

So I went shopping with my mum & sister last Thursday when my school closed due to flooding! I asked my mum if we could go shopping seeing as the shops were closing later than usual due to late night shopping =D
I basically just took some random photos of some of the items I tried on ~

These photos were taken in Debenhams ^^

Floral summer top which I quite like but I didn't buy it because it's quite tight fitting. I prefer wearing floaty non-tight tops ^^

A floral blouse/shirt! As featured in my OOTD - 1 post. As you can see, it's quite a loose fitting top so I decided to add a skinny belt round the waist area to make it look more fitting & to add more of a style to it ^^ 

My sister posing with a Hello Kitty plushy. It's so cute! ^^

This photo was taken in H&M:

Grey cropped sweater. I really liked this top but I didn't buy it because knowing me I would probably buy it then end up not wearing it. Crop tops aren't really my kinda thing even though this one was really nice! ^^

The results after shopping! A bag from H&M, debenhams & Zara ^^ 
Maybe I should do a haul in another post about the items I bought? I don't know, what do you guys think? (=

Pearl <3

Saturday, 22 January 2011

OOTD - 1

This is my first ever Outfit of the day post. Just to let you guys know, the photo is quite bad quality as it's taken with my phone and also because there was bad lighting! I promise to post better & improved OOTD's in the future though ^^

Today I basically just wore something for going out, something slightly formal ~

Items worn:
  • Primark black skinny jeans 
  • Warehouse floral blouse
  • H&M boyfriend fit cardigan
  • OASIS nude coloured floral flats
  • Primark white skinny belt

My make-up was basically just my normal make-up routine. Hair wise, I waved it with my straighteners as I find I suit wavy hair more ^^
Hope to post more OOTD's in the future!

Pearl <3

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Laura's MAC giveaway!

Laura from Highlight Your Beauty is hosting a giveaway! She will be giving away not one, but five MAC lipsticks of your very own choice! 

Enter the giveaway here! Good luck everyone ^^

Pearl <3

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photography ♥

Photography's been part of a hobbie of mine for about a year & a half now ^^ a lot of people have praised me for some of my snaps I've taken. In case anyone asks, I have the Nikon D60 with the Nikkor Vibration Reduction 18 - 55 mm lens. The type of photos I mainly take are macro & landscape ~

Here's a couple of my snaps! ^^ 

Believe it or not, this is actually a Dandelion (:

Found a leaf lying on the edge of a bridge ~

A small little toad on the ground ^^

Mainly focused on the snow/ice in the centre of a dead plant

This was taken amongst the grass, found a little water droplet hanging off one of the tips of the grass ^^

Spider on a web ~

Water droplet & reflection 

Decided to be creative here, the shadow of the ring forms a heart ^^

Again, being creative here. Used one of my Pandora charms & placed it on my piano (:

One of my most recent snaps. Reflection of a water droplet ^^

I'll upload more of my photos when I take more. That's all for now!

Pearl <3

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner: Review

Ok, so I tend to hair dry & straighten my hair often which is a bad thing, I know. But to keep my hair at it's best condition I usually use shampoos & conditioners for damaged hair to keep my hair moisturised & damage free ^^

A couple of days ago, I decided to try Aveda's Damage Remedy Shampoo:

The shampoo is available here & conditioner available here.
After first use I find that my hair from root to tip was completely moisturised. My hair felt really soft & silky. The scent of both the shampoo & conditioner have a herbal scent to it, which makes your hair smell quite nice too ^^

I highly recommend these two products. Good results after first use & all but they are on the pricey side which is probably the only thing I can complain about ^^

Pearl <3 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Three things...

There are 3 items which I currently really want at the moment so I've decided to save up some money so I'm able to purchase them! 

My number one item which I am desperate for is the Superdry Academy Gilet:

I've mentioned this gilet in another post before ^^ Hoping to buy one during the Spring time this year as it'll be good the cold breeze during Spring.

My second most wanted item is a Tiffany & Co. Necklace:


Both the necklaces are from the 'Return to Tiffany' Collection. I'm planning to purchase my first Tiffany's item when I'm in Heathrow Airport on my way to Hong Kong this April! ^^ Your probably wondering why I don't just order online but I just want to see the real thing in person & also so I can compare the two necklaces =D 

Finally, my third most wanted item is this Jack Wills tee:

This tee is part of their Spring Collection. I find that the design of this tee is quite different compared to their other ones as they usually just have 'Jack Wills' on it & nothing else. ^^

Pearl <3

Thursday, 13 January 2011

First FOTD!

This is basically my everyday face & make-up routine ^^

Products I used:
  • Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser
  • Lush Dream Cream
  • Garnier Anti-dark Circles Roll-on
  • Maybelline New York Dream Creamy foundation (Nude/Beige)
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Peach Glow)
  • Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner (Black)
  • Maybelline New York Volum' Express Lift-up Mascara

Like I said before, this is my basic everyday make-up routine. Below are the steps I go through to apply this look:
  1. Apply cleanser onto my face with a cotton wool pad
  2. Apply Garnier's Anti-dark Circles Roll-on underneath my eyes to cover up dark circles
  3. Apply foundation onto my cheeks to cover up redness because my cheeks go red really easily & I don't like it ><
  4. Cover up any redness or spots with a dab of foundation 
  5. Apply powder all over my face to cover up shine & for a natural matte finish
  6. Line my top lid with black liquid eye liner to make my eyes appear larger
  7. Apply some mascara onto my bottom lashes 
That's basically all the steps I go through for my everyday make-up routine! ^^ Nothing too bold, just a simple & natural look ~

Pearl <3

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I've had an eye on gilets for quite some time now... when I first saw them, I was like "What's the point in them? They're only sleeveless jackets, they're not gonna keep your arms warm." But now they've kinda grown on me seeing as a lot of people have the oh so popular Jack Wills Gilets. ^^

I don't know why but there's something about them that I don't really like about the Jack Wills Gilets... they're nice but I don't know. There's something about it that kinda puts me off from buying it. Also the fact that the price is quite expensive & A LOT of people have them, which is part of why I don't want one ^^

I was browsing around online this week & came across a gilet that caught my attention. Its the Superdry Academy Gilet! 

Available here for £84.99

I'm hoping to buy this soon, hopefully in navy ^^ Haven't seen anyone wearing Superdry Gilets yet so fingers crossed people won't start buying them & it becomes a craze! 

Pearl <3