Monday, 28 February 2011

OOTD 4 - Double Denim

So today, my outfit is based on the 'Double Denim' style. Before, I would think, why on earth would anyone where double denim. But I actually really like this look.

The Outfit:

Denim Boyfriend Shirt - H&M 
Tan Belt - Primark
Denim Jean Leggings - Vero Moda
Ballet Flats - Oasis
Bracelet - Pandora 

My hair was tied up into a high messy bun as you can see. If you like the double denim style, make sure you're wearing two different colors of denim! What do you guys think of double denim? ^^

Pearl <3

Sunday, 27 February 2011

TAG: How much is your face worth?

As tagged by Christina from KekeChristina, I have been tagged to do a 'How Much is your Face Worth' tag. It looks pretty fun so I've decided to try it out as I'm curious as to how much my face is worth is total. Basically, you add up all the cost of the products + tools you use on your face on a daily basis.

My daily face:

Products used:

Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser - £4.07
LUSH Dream Cream - £10.25
Garnier Roll-on Anti-dark Circles - £10.20
Maybelline New York Dream Creamy Foundation - £8.19
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99
Loreal Paris Super Liner Carbon Gloss - £6.19
LUSH Lip Service Lip Balm - £4.99
Revlon Matte Nude Attitude Lipstick - £7.49

Tools used:

EcoTools Bamboo Concealer Brush - £5.10
EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush - £9.18

Total cost = £69.65

Hahah, the total cost isn't that bad seeing as most of my makeup is quite cheap ^^ I really wish I had some MAC Cosmetics though but I where I live, there is no MAC. The closest would probably be three hours away from me by train. You're probably wondering why I don't just order off the internet but I prefer seeing something first then purchasing it if I like it ^^

Now, I tag:

+ anyone else who wishes to do this!


Pearl <3

Friday, 25 February 2011

Shopping Haul (ft. Hollister, Zara, H&M, Primark)

I decided to go shopping yesterday for some holiday clothes as I'll be going to Hong Kong this April. It was my last day of study leave before I went back to school so I decided to take this opportunity to get some new clothes!

Clothing items:


Light Blue Striped Shirt
RRP: £36
Available here

If you have read my previous posts, you will probably know that I'm quite in to Hollister these days. I have bought quite a lot from there these past few months!
I thought this shirt would be great for the warm weather in HK as it's quite thin. I love the striped detail of it as it makes the shirt look more smart.


Brown Moccasins
RRP: £29.99
Available here

I've done a blog post of these cute Moccasins in previous posts before, click here if you want to see more photos!
I thought these brown Moccasins would look super cute with leggings or light wash/black jeans, great for Spring/Summer ^^

Beige/Brown colored cardigan
RRP: £19.99

This is a super cute cardigan with gold button detailing. It's beige/brown colored with white stripes across it. I decided to buy this as I thought it was super cute + would be great for summer!

It has arm pads! How cute is that? I love clothing items with arm pads as I think it adds a little more detail to the outfit. 


Light Denim Wash Boyfriend Shirt
RRP: £17.99

I can remember that these light wash boyfriend shirts a trend last year in the Summer. This is my first ever light wash boyfriend shirt. Although it looks really baggy/huge, it looks great with a skinny belt to tie in your waist to give shape to your body!


I didn't really buy much from Primark although their items are really cheap. I just feel that their clothes are kinda tacky these days. I usually only buy belts from there =P 
I ended up buying three cute belts!

Tan colored belt
RRP: £2.00

Just to let you guys know, I'm wearing the H&M boyfriend shirt underneath the belt (=

Tan belt with lacing detail
RRP: £2.00

Taupe colored belt with floral design

That's all I purchased while shopping for new holiday clothes! What do you usually wear when on holiday?

Pearl <3

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My new babies! (Moccasins)

Okay, I went shopping for some holiday clothes today (a haul post will be posted soon!). I'm going to Hong Kong in April so I decided to buy some new clothes ^^
I picked up a pair of shoes from Zara + they are a pair of Moccasins!

RRP: £29.99
Available here

I used to hate the look of Moccasins, but after seeing these I completely changed my mind! They are brown colored + look super cute!

Front view of the shoe

Super cute eh? It has a floral pattern inside + cute fringing detail + mini tassels ^^

Closer look at the fringing detail + mini tassels

What do you think of Moccasins? 

Pearl <3 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February Favorites 2011

Okay, so this will be a post of my favorite products/clothing etc in February this year! 

  • UGG Australia

I have two pairs of UGG's but I wear the Classic Shorts the most now as my Bailey Button's are slightly too big for me. They're super cozy for Autumn + Winter. I know some people may not like them as they're on the pricey side + they find them 'UGGly' but I adore them ^^

  • TRESemmé Thermal Recovery shampoo + conditioner

RRP: £4.07 each

I tend to use a lot of heat on my hair which I know, causes a lot of damage. So in order to keep my hair in nice condition, I use shampoos + conditioners aimed at damaged hair.
I came across TRESemmé's Thermal Recovery range + decided to give it a go after reading good reviews about it. 
Results? My hair feels super soft after only just one use! This is highly recommended for those who are looking for shampoos/conditioners for damaged hair ~

  • Body Shop: Born Lippy (raspberry)

RRP: £2.00

I've been using this lip balm a lot these days as I like to keep my lips moisturized. I wouldn't say its the best lip balm to keep your lips moisturized but it does give a tint to your lips which is something nice ^^

  • LUSH Dream Cream

RRP: £10.25

I use this almost everyday to moisturize my face. Although it's a hand + body lotion, I use it on my face the most =P
Although it's slightly on the pricey side, I would highly recommend this product to those looking for a good moisturizing cream as it instantly moisturizes your face, leaving your skin feeling soft!

  • Hollister

Okay, I've slightly become obsessed with Hollister these days... I'm not buying from there just because everyone has it. I buy from there because I find that their clothes are of good quality + I like the 'SoCal' look which basically, only Hollister has the SoCal style. 
My collection is starting grow as I now have over ten pieces of clothing from there... 

  • PANDORA Jewelery 

I've posted a blog post on PANDORA before, you can find it here if you want to read it ^^
I have three different PANDORA bracelets but my silver clasp bracelet is my most favorite one out of the three. It's basically a just charm bracelet where you can add charms on to remember those memories (=

Just a more creative photo ~

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my February Favourites!
Let me know what you guys think! ^^

Pearl <3

Monday, 21 February 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Caramel

Nails Inc: Caramel

I love this nail polish, it was part of Nails Inc's Diet Coke promotion in Boots a while ago. I would say it's a beige/nude color which is something that I like as I'm always wearing nude colored nail polishes these days.

I would say it dries pretty quickly! It also gives fabulous shine + a nice caramel color in just two coats! It's great for everyday wear as it's a nice neutral colour ^^

What do you think of Nails Inc's Caramel?

Pearl <3

Sunday, 20 February 2011

LUSH: Magic Mushroom Review

DescriptionMagic Mushroom has two distinct scents. In the red cap, there's the nostalgic fragrance of our Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel (sniff); and in the white bit, we've used our signature creamy vanilla scent. Together, it blends to give you bubbles that smell like a bowl of fresh strawberries covered in cream. There won't be mushroom for anyone else in your life - or bath - when you've got one.

Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I purchased this Magic Mushroom from LUSH last year not this year. Although it may not be as fresh as when I bought it, the scent of the bubbles still smelt really good!
What does it smell like? Well, the red mushroom bit smells like strawberries + the white bits smell like vanilla. Combine them together + they smell like strawberries + cream (or strawberries + vanilla)!

I divided the bubble bar into two parts + used only the white bit. I then crushed them up into smaller particles so they form bubbles quicker when under running water!

As you can see, there are a lot of bubbles!

Okay... maybe too much bubbles ^^" 
Anyway, I would highly recommend LUSH's Magic Mushroom bubble bar to anyone. It gives a really nice fruity strawberry smell + also leaves your skin feeling smooth although it doesn't mention this in the description. 

Have you tried LUSH's Magic Mushroom bubble bar yet? If not, you better hurry as it's limited edition!

Pearl <3

Saturday, 19 February 2011

OOTD - 3 (ft. Lipsy London, Links of London, H&M + Primark)

My family + I went out for a gathering today so I decided to take a few quick snaps of the outfit I wore today before I left ^^
I would classify this outfit as an outfit you would wear to formal events, not something I would normally wear ~

Necklace - Given by a friend
Dress - Lipsy London
Cardigan - H&M

Bracelet - Links of London (Sweetie Collection)

The whole outfit!
My black heels were purchased from Primark as they were the only nice ones I found when shopping for a New Year outfit earlier this year. I was going to purchase some Kurt Geiger ones but I was running low on money at the time ^^"

Where do you usually buy your heels from? Any shop recommendations? 

Pearl <3

Friday, 18 February 2011

Homemade Baked Strawberry Cheesecake!

Yesterday, my Mother + I went out to Tesco to buy some ingredients for making a Baked Cheesecake. However, we were about to make the cheesecake + realized we forgot to buy digestive biscuits! How silly ^^"
I ended up making the cheesecake today by myself because my Mother had to work today. So here it is!

What do you think? It tastes so good! The addiction of the strawberries makes the cheesecake taste extra nice!
If you want the recipe, you'll be able to find it here ^^
I know it says 'Raspberry' baked cheesecake but I replaced the raspberries with strawberries as I prefer strawberries better ~

Pearl <3

You Control Your Image ~ Cute Giveaway!

Xai from 'You Control Your Image' is holding a generous giveaway! Her giveaway will be filled with cute stuff + stuff which you normally don't get in the UK ^^
What are you waiting for? Enter now!

Good lucky everyone ~

Pearl <3

OOTD - 2 (ft. Vivienne Westwood, Zara, H&M + Primark)

Today's a rather nice sunny day so I thought to do an OOTD seeing as it's been a while.
This is basically just a casual + comfortable yet fashionable outfit which you could wear out + about or just at home!

Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
Cropped Jumper - H&M

Tapered Trousers (including belt) - Primark

Blutchers - Zara

The whole outfit!

I would highly recommend tapered trousers for this Spring/Summer as they're really comfy + stylish! I also feel that they're gonna be one of the trends this year ^^

What do you think of the outfit?

Pearl <3

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Because the moon's rather beautiful tonight ♥

I just HAD to take a picture of the moon tonight. Because it's a full moon, it makes it look extra pretty. I couldn't stop staring at it when I was in the car, the sky was almost purple at the time because of the sunset but I didn't have my camera with me so I was like...
Dammit -_-

BUT I quickly ran into my house to grab my camera when I got home + took a couple of shots of it. ^^

What do you think of the moon?

Pearl <3

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

ASOS: Win Your Most Loved Item Every Hour!


ASOS on Facebook is holding an hourly giveaway till Friday the 18th of February!  All you have to do it share with them what your heart's desire is. Pick an item that you love the most on ASOS, + every hour someone will win their dream item! The item can be up to the value of £150, which is an amazing giveaway ^^ 

If you have a Facebook account, what are you waiting for? Enter now!
Good luck everyone!

Pearl <3

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shopping Haul (ft. Hollister, Superdry, Zara + Revlon)

Last Thursday, I went shopping with my friend Anna in Aberdeen before our prelims started. I managed to pick up a few things I wanted that I saw online + just thought to show you guys what I got! ^^

Clothing items:


RRP: £32

I saw this on Hollister's website + thought that this would be a great top for the summer! It's made of a sheer yet soft material. I liked the detailing of this top as it gives it a more feminine style towards it.

RRP: £32 £11.09

This was in Hollister's clearance section which I thought was a bargain. There were some jeans on clearance too, reduced from £60 - £20! None of my size though =(
This top is ideal for summer as it's sleeveless + flowy. I like the detailing too as it has little crystals/diamante's on it + sowed on flowers. 

Navy Friendship bracelet
RRP: £3

This is my second Hollister bracelet + believe it or not, it's from the men's sections =P 
Although it's just a plain/casual bracelet, there's something about it that I really like. Probably the SoCal effect that it gives off ~


Superdry Academy Gilet
RRP: £84.99

As blogged in previous posts, I've been ranting on about gilets + how I had my eye on the Superdry Academy gilet. I finally have it + I'm super happy that I got it ^^ I kinda freaked out when I was in Cult though as they only had sizes XS + S. I tried on a size S + to my suprise, it fitted me! ^^ 
Although it's on the pricey side, I don't regret buying it at all. It's super cosy + very fashionable! 


Buckskin Blutcher in Ecru colour 
RRP: £29.99

I've had my eye on these shoes on the Zara site for a while + decided to purchase them while I was instore ^^ It's made of a suede like material which I like as it makes the shoe more comfier ~

Revlon (Boots)

Revlon Matte Nude Attitude 001
RRP: £5.19

Left with flash, right with no flash

Boots + Superdrug were having a £2's off Revlon lipsticks so I decided to pick up a nude lipstick from Revlon's Matte collection. I quite like it as it gives a matte effect instead of a shiny/glossy effect (=

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! 
Feedback would be appreciated ^^

Pearl <3

Friday, 11 February 2011

Revlon Matte Nude Attitude lipstick (+ swatches + comparisons)

I picked up Revlon's Matte lipstick in Nude Attitude on Thursday as I've been looking for a matte-ish nude lipstick for a while. It's on offer for £5.49 instead of £7.49 in Boots + Superdrug at the moment so if you want it, you better hurry!

Left with flash, right with no flash

I quite like the colour + effect of it. It really does give you a nude colour + matte finishing look. I would probably tell a friend about it if they were looking for a nude lipstick too! All in all, I'm happy with it ^^


I've decided to compare Revlon's Matte Nude Attitude lipstick to two other nude lipsticks which are:
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Pinky Beige
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Luminous Beige

L-R: Revlon Nude Attitude, Maybelline Pinky Beige, Maybelline Luminous Beige

Top-bottom: Revlon Nude Attitude, Maybelline Pinky Beige, Maybelline Luminous Beige

The colours of the three lipsticks are quite similar but are only just about one or two shades darker/lighter. I would say Maybelline's Pinky Beige has more of a pinky tone towards it compared to the other two though.

 Maybelline Pinky Beige

Left with flash, right with no flash

As you can see, Maybelline's Pinky Beige has more of a pink tone towards it. This is great for adding colour onto your lips or just daily wear!

Maybelline Luminous Beige

Left with flash, right with no flash

I would say Maybelline's Luminous Beige is slightly the same as Revlon's Nude Attitude as the colors are quite similar. The two Maybelline lipsticks are more moisturizing compared to the Revlon's lipstick. 

L-R: Revlon Nude Attitude, Maybelline Pinky Beige, Maybelline Luminous Beige

Which one do you prefer best? (=
Thanks for reading!

Pearl <3