Thursday, 24 February 2011

My new babies! (Moccasins)

Okay, I went shopping for some holiday clothes today (a haul post will be posted soon!). I'm going to Hong Kong in April so I decided to buy some new clothes ^^
I picked up a pair of shoes from Zara + they are a pair of Moccasins!

RRP: £29.99
Available here

I used to hate the look of Moccasins, but after seeing these I completely changed my mind! They are brown colored + look super cute!

Front view of the shoe

Super cute eh? It has a floral pattern inside + cute fringing detail + mini tassels ^^

Closer look at the fringing detail + mini tassels

What do you think of Moccasins? 

Pearl <3 


  1. omg ive been looking for a pair of these for the longest time! Never found a pair that I liked enough to buy! Gona get these sometime this week =]

  2. Ooo! If you do get them, do a post about them too =D
    I saw some moccasins in Office too when I walked past, they were quite cute but I was low on money at the time =P