Friday, 3 December 2010

PANDORA Jewellery

So what is PANDORA? PANDORA is probably most well known for their charm bracelets. They have a wide variety of charm bracelets to choose from such as the silver lobster clasp bracelet, silver barrel clasp bracelet, silver barrel clasp oxidized bracelet, gold barrel clasp silver bracelet or 14ct gold bracelet. They have a wide variety of charms to choose from which makes each & every bracelet unique in their own special way. 

PANDORA is one of my favourite jewellery brands. I currently own a completed silver clasp charm bracelet, a champagne coloured double wrap leather bracelet & a blue coloured fabric string bracelet. Below are some pictures as to what I'm talking about ^^

The Silver Barrel Clasp - RRP £55

The Champagne coloured double wrap leather bracelet - RRP £40 

The blue coloured fabric string bracelet - RRP £20

Here's a couple of photos which I took of my completed PANDORA silver barrel clasp bracelet which I'd like to show you's ^^

When I first purchased it, it was only a baby! First charms were the blue murano glass bead with white spots & the heart dangle charm ^^

Now its fully grown ^^ most of my charms have its only special meaning towards it. Representing many things in my life which are special to me. ^^

Bye for now ^^


  1. Wowowow, so full! Must've cost a bomb
    I have the leather wrap one, no charms yet, dont like dangly stuff on my wrists xD

  2. Haha, well I've been collecting for 7 months now & I got addicted when I started xD