Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Photography ♥

Photography's been part of a hobbie of mine for about a year & a half now ^^ a lot of people have praised me for some of my snaps I've taken. In case anyone asks, I have the Nikon D60 with the Nikkor Vibration Reduction 18 - 55 mm lens. The type of photos I mainly take are macro & landscape ~

Here's a couple of my snaps! ^^ 

Believe it or not, this is actually a Dandelion (:

Found a leaf lying on the edge of a bridge ~

A small little toad on the ground ^^

Mainly focused on the snow/ice in the centre of a dead plant

This was taken amongst the grass, found a little water droplet hanging off one of the tips of the grass ^^

Spider on a web ~

Water droplet & reflection 

Decided to be creative here, the shadow of the ring forms a heart ^^

Again, being creative here. Used one of my Pandora charms & placed it on my piano (:

One of my most recent snaps. Reflection of a water droplet ^^

I'll upload more of my photos when I take more. That's all for now!

Pearl <3


  1. They're beautiful pictures! You really should persue it more because you have a talent!! I love the one with the little frog! xooxxoo

  2. great shots! XD
    Oh i've just been recently getting into photography and i've bough myself a nikon 3100 :) Haven't really played around with it much yet but really cannit wait when i do :)
    Oh u know much about diana F camera? Just wondering cos i got it as a pressie for xmas XD wanted one ages ago cos i heard loads of gud things about it. Havent played on it yet cos i haven't got a clue about it soo need to read more on it b4 i start using it, don't want to break it you see ahah.

    Just followed you, looking forward to seeing more of your great photos :) Keep up the gud work! Maybes i can learn something from u since i'm just a beginner in photography and maybes u can learn something frm me thru my artsy/design work XD hehe.

    Oh by the way check out my design blog :)

    jen xx

  3. very pretty! are you going to major in it?

  4. @Fashion Cappucino: Thank you! I'm hoping do some more photography related things in the future ^^

    @Jen: Thanks! The D3100 looks pretty good, have fun with it!
    I dont really know much about the Diana F but my cousin has it. I just know that it uses film, sorry I'm not much help! ^^"

    @The Divintus: I dont think I'll be studying Photography in uni. Thinking about studying something science related but I havent decided yet ^^

  5. Nice work! I Like the Spider one. The frog is pretty cute also.