Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mini shopping trip!

So I went shopping with my mum & sister last Thursday when my school closed due to flooding! I asked my mum if we could go shopping seeing as the shops were closing later than usual due to late night shopping =D
I basically just took some random photos of some of the items I tried on ~

These photos were taken in Debenhams ^^

Floral summer top which I quite like but I didn't buy it because it's quite tight fitting. I prefer wearing floaty non-tight tops ^^

A floral blouse/shirt! As featured in my OOTD - 1 post. As you can see, it's quite a loose fitting top so I decided to add a skinny belt round the waist area to make it look more fitting & to add more of a style to it ^^ 

My sister posing with a Hello Kitty plushy. It's so cute! ^^

This photo was taken in H&M:

Grey cropped sweater. I really liked this top but I didn't buy it because knowing me I would probably buy it then end up not wearing it. Crop tops aren't really my kinda thing even though this one was really nice! ^^

The results after shopping! A bag from H&M, debenhams & Zara ^^ 
Maybe I should do a haul in another post about the items I bought? I don't know, what do you guys think? (=

Pearl <3


  1. Do hauls! Im nosey and curious to what people buy (: