Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Wants and GIVEAWAY maybe? =D

So, just wanted to blog a post about something else that I really want at the moment! I was just browsing around the net looking at random items of clothing, accessories etc. & just came across a pair of the UGG Kensingtons:


I've seen these before in the past but right now, I just really want these! Yes, it'll soon be summer but its just that feeling you have when you see something & you want it right now no matter what season or climate it is. ^^
I like the fact that they are made of leather instead of their usual suede boots as you wouldn't be worried about getting them wet or getting paranoid about whether it'll rain as whenever I wear my UGG boots, I always get paranoid about whether it'll rain later in the day or not. 

Yes I mentioned a giveaway in this post's title ^^ I'm planning to host a giveaway when I reach 10 - 15 followers. I know it may sound like there are hardly any followers but to me, it's a lot! The giveaway prizes will be notified towards the nearing of the giveaway ~
For the giveaway to happen, advertise me such as through tweets, blog posts or whatever. Just anything that will help me reach the amount of followers needed for this giveaway to happen.
Many thanks! =D

Pearl <3

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