Saturday, 5 March 2011

My First Blog Award!

I'd like to thank Bug from Bitten by the Beauty Bug for rewarding me with this award! Although I haven't really spoken to her a lot, I do find her blog quite interesting. She is a beauty blogger from Melbourne & does great make-up looks. Check her blog out!

Right, I'm not used to this whole blog awarding thing but I'm guessing there are rules for it? The rules are:
  • Post about the award and copy the rules
  • Link to the person who gave me the award
  • Choose 3-5 blogs I would like to give the award to and link to them as well. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know

    Important: The award is for unknown and/or new blogs only!

The blogs that I want to give this award to are:

Anna from Huzzannah

Anna is a beauty blogger from the UK! She mainly does beauty hauls, reviews and a lot of swatches of products! Go check her blog out!

Vivienne is UK blogger who posts a lot of make-up/beauty related posts! She also posts about some things she is also selling which is quite useful for those who love online shopping. Go check her blog out!

Lolly from DollyLolly
Lolly is also a UK beauty blogger who posts a lot of beauty related posts. She also posts about giveaways being held by other bloggers which is great for those who love entering giveaways! Check out her blog!

Jen from ~wearable Art~.
Jen is a also another UK beauty blogger. She does a lot of posts related to makeup, she also has another blog where she posts all her art work from Uni (I think)! Go check out her blog!

There are many blogs which I love reading, but these are the ones I would classify as new and worth reading!

Pearl <3


  1. congrats!
    I love your blog and you deserve it :D

  2. awww thanks for the award pearl!!!! Really means a lot to know that people actually think my blog is worth reading =) i did have a point when i was thinking of scrapping my fashion blog but i stuck to it and i'm really glad i did cos i wudnt of met u and some more lovely ppl =)
    thanks =) xx

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me and giving me an award! It means a lot to me as it's very hard starting out. I didn't think I would ever be chosen as a recommended read!! Thank you so much!

    And congratulations on your award!! As Angie said you deserve it! xx ^^

  4. Awwww thanks!!
    I feel special now! and I dont have many followers :( i thought my blog was crap! Lol
    Ty for the support hun! xxxxx