Friday, 3 December 2010

My Wish List ~

Ahh, there are so many things which I want these days, one day, when I have the money, I'll buy these items & tick them off my wish list ^^ 
Click on the picture & you'll be directed to the item ~

Louis Vuitton Stellar PM in Poudre colour - RRP £1,910

Hollister Wheeler Springs cardigan in colour navy - RRP £34

Hollister 1st Jetty Navy checked shirt - RRP £34

Hollister bracelets - RRP £5 - £10

Balenciaga Classic Ballerina pumps in colour Sahara - RRP £325

Return to Tiffany necklace - RRP £105

Louis Vuitton Zippy Compact Wallet - RRP £370

Links of London Sweetie XS bracelet - RRP £95

My wish list to far... there'll probably be more but that's all at the moment ^^


  1. Louis vuitton!
    I think its an asian thing that we all love it? ahah Ive yet to meet a chinese woman that doesn't like it.

  2. Defoo... I posted a wishlist on my blog too. *hint hint bf* xmas soon yes? xD check it out? :3