Friday, 17 June 2011

NOTD: Chanel 'Inattendu' + China Glaze 'White Cap'

I've gone back to nude polishes again!
After a while of wearing not wearing nude polishes, I suddenly had the urge to put on a nude coloured polish onto my nails. Out of all the nude's I could have gone for in my nail polish collection, I decided to opt for Chanel's Inattendu polish with a top layer of China Glaze's White Cap ^^

With flash

Inattendu on it's own would be a peachy/nude coloured polish. I decided to add a little touch to it by applying White Cap on top to give a shimmery look ~

What do you think?

Pearl <3


  1. I like the shimmery nude look you've created! It's very elegant :)

  2. It's pretty! ^^ It really makes me want to buy some Chanel polish! :L