Thursday, 9 June 2011

HAUL: MISSHA Cosmetics *pic heavy!*

I ordered some Missha BB Cream on eBay couple of weeks ago + it finally came this morning! Missha was first introduced to me by a friend, Christina (check out her blog!). She recommended me buying the BB Boomer which I ended up buying in HK but I stupidly didn't buy any BB cream -_-

So here's the unboxing of my BB cream!

My product came with some freebies + a small letter too!

Such a nice eBay seller, will definitely be purchasing some more products from them in the future!

My BB Cream is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap ^^

Such cute packaging!

A little bow to secure the packaging together ^^

Finally unpackaged, Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream!

BB Cream in No.21 (Light Beige)

This BB Cream is to lighten the skin tone, heal visible wrinkles + blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability + also to prevent skin aging through effective whitening + anti-wrinkle properties ^^

Has a pump nozzle which will be useful ~

The seller also kindly sent me a pack of Missha freebies containing four testers!

L-R: Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam, Missha BB Boomer, Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream (No.23), Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream (No.21)

I originally thought that this contained a small tube of BB Cream but in actual fact, it only contains cotton pads -_-
Slightly let down but hey, I got freebies + the product I actually ordered! ^^

I'll do a review of this BB Cream soon. 
I purchased the BB Cream from SpicyGoods, a Korean eBay seller with a lot of good reviews! Highly recommended for those wanting to buy Asian cosmetics + products.
SpicyGoods also sells many other brands including Skin Food, Etude House etc for a price cheaper than normal retail prices!
Highly recommended!

Pearl <3


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  2. I've wanted to try the BB Creams for so long but there's so many, its so confusing! But I might give it a go! ^_^

  3. lol coincidentally, my first 'bb product' was Missha BB boomer as well! I don't remember why it was...I think I just really liked the packaging! Btw do you like it? I'm personally not convinced that it makes any difference if I use it or not! haha

  4. The BB boomer is only a primer for BB cream which is probably why it makes no difference to your skin! Have you got any BB creams you could use to put over the BB boomer? ^^