Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hong Kong Haul #1 (pic heavy!)

It's about time I do haul of what I purchased in Hong Kong. This will only be part one though as I'm quite tired today so I will do part two of this haul very soon! ^^

Nail polishes, BB Boomer, Lipgloss + earrings

1. Canmake Cosmetics

Canmake Colorful Nail: Frosty Silver 

I haven't used this polish yet but I've seen swatches of this polish + it looks gorgeous when applied onto the tips of your nail over a nail polish! Looking forward to using this ^^

Canmake Nudy Glow Lipgloss: Sugar Milk Tea

This is a great nude coloured lipgloss, it gives a natural look when applied onto your lips which is great for daily use! 

2. Earrings

Vivienne Westwood Mini Orb Earrings

I've been wanting a pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings for a while now + managed to purchase a pair while shopping in Shatin as they have a VW store there. They are rather cute don't cha think? ^^

Chanel Plain Silver earrings

Okay, I admit, these are only replica earrings. But who cares? Well, I don't care anyway ^^" 

3. Missha BB Boomer

Missha BB Boomer

This product was recommended by a friend + I decided to give it a go + try it out. I haven't properly used this yet but before I purchased it, the saleswoman applied some onto my hands + I must admit, it did make my skin feel softer. Looking forward to using this product! ^^

4. Dark Tina Angel Nail Polish

Believe it or not, this is actually a shatter polish! Just like the OPI Black Shatter + others, it cracks while beginning to dry. I've never heard of this brand before but they had many different colours in their shatter range. As I'm a nude lover, I decided to pick up a nude coloured shatter polish. 
Looking forward to using this!

#2 of this haul coming soon!

Pearl <3


  1. Hi! where can I buy Canmake in HK? Im going there soon and I'm wondering if they have stalls there and if it is cheaper than Japan. :)

  2. I purchased my Canmake cosmetics in Shatin. You can find the stall at YATA (in New Town Plaza Mall) by the cosmetics section ^^

  3. Hi, could you tell me the rough location of the shop which you bought the Dark Tina Angel nail poilsh? :)

  4. Hi Felicia, sorry late reply!
    I purchased the Dark Tina Angel nail polish in Yata in Shatin, New Plaza (:

    1. Hey don't worry about it, just so happy that you remembered the location and replied :D My Mom is going to HK this week I hope she finds it! Thank you so much! <3

      Btw, do you still remember which level the shop was at? If not that's alright :D

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