Saturday, 10 September 2011

REVIEW: Yanwaili Magical Lips lip-balm

I'm back with a review! Sorry for the lack of posts, just not been motivated to blog lately due to school work etc. 
So I purchased this lip-balm back when I was in Hong Kong + it's called Yanwaili Magical Lips. It's supposed to react to your body chemicals + change the colour of your lips to a shade of pink depending on each individual.

The lip-balm has no colour to it whatsoever so I was actually doubting whether it would work or not.

Without lip-balm

With lip-balm

I can safely say that this little lip-balm does work! It added an extra boost of natural looking pink to my lips which is nice. ^^

What do you think?

Pearl <3

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  1. which store did you buy this from?